About Us

About Us

Revere God Ministries is a self-supporting ministry, serving all communities, denominations, and youths within its municipal boundaries and beyond. Though members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, we are not limited to servicing and serving ONLY the said church. Revere God Ministries was born out of the need of God-fearing leaders, fathers and mothers who are prepared to raise God-fearing youths who will be industrious, multi-skilled and relevant in the ever-changing world technology and politics.


When we see a need, we make means to address it to the glory of God. One such need we noted was that for centuries Black Seventh-day Adventists in Africa did not have a hymnal of the same church in their language, they depended on “extracts” translated for them centuries ago, and that did not worry them. We did not bemoan apartheid but sought channels and means of addressing this need. Today we are proud to be the publishers of “Amaculo Ama Seventh-day Adventist”, having translated over 600 hymns from the English version of this church’s hymnal into isiZulu language, the FIRST IN AFRICA.


Vision Statement

To be reputable self sustaining organization that seeks to imbue excellence in our spheres of operation.

Mission Statement

To be stewards of excellence and instill a passion for doing excellence.
36+Years of existance
100+Hymns Produced
3000+Trained Individual
100+Children's Ministry
Our Leaders

Our Leaders


Ps. P.T. Khumalo

Revere God Ministries is run and administered by 2 directors and a founding member being Ps. P.T. Khumalo, former Subject Advisor at Umzinyathi District of Education in KwaZulu-Natal Department of Basic Education. He studied at Ongoye University for his master’s in education degree; Studied and worked at Bethel College, in the Eastern Cape; Studied at Oakwood University in Huntsville Alabama, USA for his B.Th. Degree.

M H Ngwira (Director)

Worked as an assistant Accountant in an Insurance Broking Firm (Hogg Robinson Insurance Brokers in Malawi, and Ernest Notcutt Insurance (Pty) Ltd in a Firm of Attorneys – Lilley Wills and Partners Company in Malawi.
1986 joined Zululand Anthracite Colliery Ltd, in the Accounts Department, later joined the Engineering Department – engineering statistics (planned maintenance, availability and downtime stats thereafter moved to HR more in Training and development. ABET provision for both employees and community during the day and night school – UNISA Diploma.
Provided Skills and Business development for employees of 2 Clothing Firms in Newcastle and in Ladysmith. Worked for Super Management Training Firm as a freelance trainer in isiZulu and English.The owners and members of Revere God Ministries have ambitions to make RGM a leading skills development centre in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and beyond.

P.T. Khumalo

Leader Pastor

M H Ngwira


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